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Site Has Moved

Posted by phonefiles on June 15, 2006

HOMEsm.gifThe site has now moved and can be found a The move was necessary to allow new features such as a wallpaper gallery to be added over the next few weeks.


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Origami UMPCs are a disaster

Posted by phonefiles on June 11, 2006

WINsm.gifCOMsm.gifSo proclaims the Inquirer, and follows with a reasoning that includes weight, battery life, data input,speed and price. UMPC's (ultra mobile personal computers) are a new format developed by Microsoft and several hardware manufacturers to provide laptop like functionality in a VHS tape sized case.

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Sell your house using Wifi

Posted by phonefiles on June 11, 2006

COMsm.gifOFFsm.gifAmerican Company Sell Smart Real Estate have launched a device called the Knockbox. It's a wifi device that you place in a property for sale, and anyone trying to connect gets diverted to the info pages for the property. Of course, its sold as a way of allowing property viewers with wireless devices to view details, but we all know it's a great way of advertising to wardrivers. And letting your nosy neighbours check out your asking price.

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Windows Vista on a Mac Book

Posted by phonefiles on June 11, 2006

APPsm.gifCOMsm.gifWINsm.gifTUAW has an article about running Vista, Microsoft's next version of windows, on an Apple Mac Book. Just doesn't seem right, running a Microsoft OS on an Apple computer. I understand the need to dual boot, but my reason for wanting a Mac Book is so that I don't have to run Windows XP.

One of the Director's at a company I worked at last year used an Apple Powerbook. This was strange, as the company was entirely Microsoft based for all its software. I eventually found out the Powerbook launched VirtualPC running Windows XP full screen when it booted. The Director had to run Windows XP but had insisted he wanted a Powerbook. Using VirtualPC was the only way to do this at the time. Now they could install boot camp on a Mac Book Pro and run Windows without the emulator, giving a big speed increase.

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Site Move

Posted by phonefiles on June 11, 2006

HOMEsm.gifThe site is moving off WordPress to a new server today, so if things go a bit basic stick with it, we'll be back soon.

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The Microsoft Handheld?

Posted by phonefiles on June 10, 2006

PDAsm.gifRumours continue to fly about the microsoft handheld, but all the sources fail to agree what the handheld will be. 

Will it be a PDA? No reason for this, Windows Mobile is a successful platform. Why would Microsoft want to start making hardware?

Will it be a new micro PC? The Ultra Mobile PC has just launched, no point in confusing the market with another format.

Will it be a handheld console, like the PSP? This is more interesting. Looking at the services offered by the Xbox 360, a Microsoft handheld console would be versatile. If it can sync with outlook and the new Vista calender/mail programs, download content from Windows MediaCenter, and Support add-on software, it's already a PDA. Could this be the portable to go with the media hub?

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Bid on Ebay from your mobile….

Posted by phonefiles on June 10, 2006

OFFsm.gifMOBsm.gif….. But only if you are using (the german site). Opera, makers of the spiffy web browser for just about every platform EXCEPT palm, have teamed up with to offer the German Opera Mini eBay edition. This allows you to search, bid and buy on the German site, and also surf the web as with the regular Opera browser.

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Mobile TV on your handheld

Posted by phonefiles on June 10, 2006

PDAsm.gifTVsm.gifSlashphone have details on the Philips SDIO 1000/1100 mobile TV receivers, recently showcased at the Computex show in Taiwan. These SD sized cards allow your PocketPC or linux based device to receive DVB-H signals for TV on the go.

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Play Footie on your Palm

Posted by phonefiles on June 10, 2006

PDAsm.gifAnyone remember Sensible Soccer on the Amiga? If you have a Palm with an ARM cpu and OS5 you can now play Essential Soccer from Proprog. The teams and players are from the 2006 World Cup, and having tried the demo (Palm only for now, PocketPC soon) it really took me back to the early 90's amiga scene.

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New Wallpapers for Palm 320×480

Posted by phonefiles on June 10, 2006

HOMEsm.gifPDAsm.gifSeveral new wallpapers for palm 320×480 devices have been added over the past few days. If anyone wants to submit their own creations mail them to the address shown under Contact in the left column.

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Nokia E61 Review

Posted by phonefiles on June 9, 2006

PDAsm.gifMOBsm.gifOSnews have a review of the Nokia E61 business phone/communicator. I've been mighty tempted to get one of these myself, but the only place I have found them is on Vodafone's business site. The E61 looks like it could combine everything I like about my Palm TX (mini internet tablet, ease of use, synchronise with my mac and PC) with a phone. But then again, I could wait for the E62 or the Sony Ericsson M600i…..

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Posted by phonefiles on June 8, 2006

HOMEsm.gifIn what I can only describe as a Homer Simpson moment, I discovered last night that the part of a wallpaper a palm device displays is different in the new "Favorites" launcher and the original "Applications" launcher. The "making a palm wallpaper" guide has now been updated to show this, and all the palm 320×480 wallpapers have been modified. The problem was only visible when using the "Favorites" launcher in landscape mode, and as I don't use the "Favorites" launcher I completely missed this mistake.

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Nokia 6234 now on Vodafone

Posted by phonefiles on June 8, 2006

MOBsm.gifThe Nokia 6234 is now available on Vodafone, free on all price plans. It looks like a run of the mill Nokia 6 series, but the spec is sweet: 240×320 screen with 256K colors, stereo speakers, microSD card slot with 64Mb included (up to 2Gb supported), 3G, 2 mega-pixel camera, video and audio playback, and FM radio. Full specification here.

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The open alternative to Microsoft’s Origami

Posted by phonefiles on June 8, 2006

COMsm.gifPDAsm.gifIf you have been reading about Microsoft's new UMPC platform ("Origami") and feeling underwhelmed this may be for you. Pepper Computer have announced the Pepperpad 3, a linux based Tablet portable computer. Hardware includes a 624Mhz Xscale processor, 7" 800×480 screen, 256Mb RAM, 256Mb ROM, a 20 or 30Gb Hard Disk and a USB 2 port for connecting to your PC. Applications are provided for audio/video playback, web browsing, photo management, IR control and several other tasks.

The only question I have is how do we classify this device – computer or PDA? 

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Alienware Superman Limited Edition Computers

Posted by phonefiles on June 7, 2006 have some very nice Superman themed laptops and desktops on their USA site at the moment. Unfortunately the UK site has no mention of them, but we can live in hope.

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